Meet the Mobetron

In use by the leading cancer physicians and radiation oncologists in the most innovative and proven hospitals, clinics and academic centers in the world, the IntraOp Mobetron is the first portable, self-shielded electron linear accelerator designed to deliver IntraOperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) to successfully treat locally-advanced cancer in the operating room. In minutes.

    Proven. Safe.

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    Two decades of proven clinical data and 15,000 patients treated

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    Self-shielding eliminates need for costly construction or retrofits

    Proven. Performance.

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    Soft-docking alignment ensures precise registration

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    Touch screen interface provides easy-to-use control

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    Full-spectrum electron energies of 6, 9, 12 MeV for controlled depth

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    Integrated beam stopper reduces need for added shielding in the OR

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    Mobile, self-shielded design enables use throughout the facility

Benefits for Administrators and Physicians

Portability for the OR Enables flexible movement within and between OR suites
Broad Application Proven success with multiple indications of cancer
Unparalleled Precision Electron-beam IORT delivers radiation to only involved tissue
Self-Shielded Design Eliminates costly construction and retrofitting
Larger Catchment Areas Greater number of patients from a larger geographic area
Greater Efficiency Treatment in minutes facilitates more procedures

Benefits for Patients

Shorter Treatment Times Two minutes during surgery replaces weeks of therapy
Fewer Side Effects Direct dose to tumor bed avoids healthy tissue and organs
Better Cosmesis IORT boost effective alternative after breast-conserving surgery
Lower Recurrence Rates Proven success and increased survival rates

Mobetron Marks the End of the Shileded OR

Consider the scene before the Mobetron: A patient undergoing surgery is required transport to a shielded radiation bunker only to be returned after treatment for the remainder of the surgery. Inefficient for oncologists and expensive for the hospital. Worse, it introduced greater risk for the patient.

Fast forward.

By making electrons portable, Mobetron leverages the advantages of IORT without sacrifice. Radiation and surgical oncologists work together to pinpoint the exact area requiring radiation and immediately deliver high doses directly to the affected tissue during cancer surgery. Healthy tissue and surrounding organs remain unaffected. Portability means that the Mobetron can be easily moved between existing operating rooms without investing in costly renovations to accommodate traditional unshielded radiation therapy devices. The treatment is brought to the patient. The procedure is completed in a fraction of the time with fewer side effects and lower rates of recurrence. Most importantly, the patient can go on living. Better.

Mobetron has fundamentally changed the way we treat cancer patients at our facility. We have been able to eradicate localized cancers, prevent recurrent cancers, shorten treatment cycles and save patients. Mobetron is a critical tool in the fight against cancer.”


Professor of Radiation Oncology and Neurological Surgery, Program Director and Vice Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology.

Treatment in Two Minutes.

With an energy spectrum from 6 MeV to a true 12 MeV and a dose rate of 10 Gy per minute, irradiation requires two or fewer minutes. That means shorter patient treatment times, fewer side effects and better results for more cancer indications. IntraOp Mobetron delivers the right dose at the right depth for the right volume.

The Mobetron Demonstration

Mobetron Datasheet

An overview of history, application and technical specifications.

Download Datasheet

Features of Mobetron

Touch screen interface

Touch screen interface

Precise control is at the fingertips with Mobetron’s easy-to-use touch screen interface. The independent portable console may be positioned wherever the best access is determined.

Soft-docking alignment

Soft-docking alignment

Laser-guided soft docking quickly and accurately aligns the linear accelerator. Non-contact of docking eliminates any undesirable contact by the applicator during treatment.

Variable applicators

Variable applicators

Mobetron is designed for maximum flexibility. To best address a broad range of treatment scenarios, the Mobetron offers a host of applicators, from 3 cm to 10 cm.

Integrated beam stopper

Integrated beam stopper

Integrated beam stopper minimizes the demands of radiation protection in the OR. Safe, self-shielding eliminates the need for additional, often costly radiation protection.

Mobetron was the ideal solution for University Hospitals Case Medical Center. Our radiation and surgical oncology teams were intent on using electron-beam IORT. Because the device was self-shielded and completely portable, we were able to deploy it in an existing operating room and save millions of dollars in special construction costs.


MD Chairman and Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Mobetron Users in South America

Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia Bogata, Bogata, Columbia

To view a complete list of Mobetron locations visit our global site.

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